Rizman Putra has been actively straddling between performance, visual arts and music for the last decade. Rizman was one of the four artists selected for President’s Young Talents Exhibition (2005), as well as being included in the Fukuoka Triennale (2005). He received the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s (RMIT) Most Outstanding Award 2002-2003. He exhibited his works at the inaugural Singapore Biennale 2006. Rizman is currently an Associate Artist with Cake Theatrical Productions.
What started out as a lo-fi bedroom project using portable synthesizers and cassette tape recorders has since evolved into some kind of dreamlike technicolour pop universe for electronic musician The Analog Girl. For Sonic Blast, she reimagines what it would sound like to be playing carnival games in the New World.
SuperCyberTown is a creative entity that utilizes cutting-edge technology in unique ways to bring inspiring visions of the world of tomorrow to life, today. With more than a decade of experience in visual effects, virtual reality, and interactive media, SuperCyberTown seeks to change the way that people perceive the world around them. Collaborations over the years have ranged from immersive narrative animation, activations for brands, live musical performances, prestigious cultural festivals, and intimate themed exhibitions.
Described as “refreshing, wild, raw and highly imaginative”, Deførmed aka Abdul Hakiim desires to bring forward a new identity of music in Singapore. His musical influences range from traditional, acoustic, experimental and video game music. He joined the Singapore Malay Youth Orchestra in 2018 and has taken the roles of an arranger, keyboardist and pianist.
An alumnus of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy, Cherry has DJed alongside electronica artists such as Flying Lotus and Tokimonsta; most notably at the infamous Low End Theory and the Brainfeeder Sessions in Los Angeles. Singapore music has seen a positive impact from Cherry Chan's tireless involvement in various communities, Syndicate being a prime example. The collective was co-founded by Cherry with the intention of deconstructing current norms of electronic music in Singapore, and to synergise visual ideas with live performances in a myriad of spaces and contexts that provide platforms of expression for artists
Kiat is the co-founder of artist collective Syndicate and multi-disciplinary studio System Sovereign. The adventurous themes in his work are closely linked to the artist’s fascination with emotions and freedom. His freeform approaches have led him to develop work across multiple mediums - from paint, to electronic music, and art installations, to works that blur the line between fine art and design for brands and cultural institutions.